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CARMICHAEL: It seems America traded one crisis for another

Americans are a resilient lot. Nearly three months into the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown, most of us have creatively found solutions to meet our ... Read more

WATERS: Higher taxes plus more spending equals deeper hole

“If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging,” Will Rogers advised. That wisdom seems particularly relevant as the big spenders in charge of Congress ... Read more

LETTER: Disappointed to see King participated in May 2 protest

Disappointed to see King participated in May 2 protest It was extremely disappointing to me to learn that State Rep. Kim King participated in the ... Read more

OUR VIEW: There is power in protest

All across America, people are banding together for what has been called the largest civil rights protest in U.S. history. From coast to coast and hundreds ... Read more

WATTS: Businesses supported us, now let’s support them

As many businesses are reopening here in the commonwealth, the question has been asked: are we ready? This is a valid question. For almost two ... Read more

BESHEAR: Kentuckians proving we are a great people

It is hard to believe Kentucky saw its first confirmed case of COVID-19 just over two and a half months ago. The virus began spreading ... Read more

WATERS: Tax hikes during pandemics? Perish the thought

Leftists who dominate Jefferson County Public Schools’ Board of Education desire a huge tax increase amid a health pandemic wreaking sudden destruction on a once-roaring ... Read more

JESSIE: Appliances need a spring-cleaning too

For some people, spring-cleaning efforts are focused on washing windows, vacuuming furniture, cleaning curtains and rotating mattresses. It’s OK if you’re not one of the ... Read more

HOLLAND: What will keep us from Christ?

I recently had the opportunity to watch season one of “The Chosen.” It’s a series about the life of Jesus, and uses interesting backstories, which ... Read more

HOLLAND: God sees, God hears, God knows

The God of the Bible is not only the creator of all things, but he also has the ability to see everything at the same ... Read more

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